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Making disciples of Christ through the world of sport and outdoor adventure



The global sports movement is at a wonderful and unique point in history.  We have the opportunity to serve every city and community by serving athletes within the sports world everywhere.  Sport and outdoor adventure are amazing tools that open up pathways of relationship and provide opportunities for discipleship.  Ultimately, it is about learning to make disciples of Christ wherever we are ... sport fields, churches, gymnasiums, the great outdoors, and work places.  

Our mission is to inspire, train, and mobilize others through the world of sport and outdoor adventure



As relationships are built through sport and outdoor adventure, we seek to develop the God-given giftings and callings in each person’s life.  We were not called to live for ourselves but to lay down our lives to serve others and participate in the mission of God in this world.  SportQuest is not seeking to build our own empire.  Instead, we want to partner with others so we can better serve the Kingdom of God together.  Through Playing With Purpose and 4M, we seek to leverage the passion and expertise God has developed in us for sport and outdoor adventure in order to fulfill an even greater passion -- loving and following Jesus while equipping others to do the same.    


How We Started


Heart Values


A worldwide movement to obey the Great Commission SportQuest is part of a global sport ministry movement that seeks to partner together to obey Jesus’s command to make disciples in all the nations. Sports just happens to be the tool we’ve chosen to help us do this, and we’ve found it to be highly effective in breaking down barriers and building relationships. Our desire is not merely to build our own organization, but to build God’s Kingdom. So we partner with local churches and serve alongside them with the goal of making disciples in every city and every community where God sends us. This mission is too big to try it alone, so we seek to work in teams and partner with others rather than trying to do it ourselves.

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  • 1988

    A dream was planted in the heart of Kent Susud, a high school basketball player from Lawton, OK. His coach, Kim Wayne Shahan, former player at Oklahoma State University, had experienced sport in a relational ministry context playing basketball in prisons, universities, and communities across South America as a collegiate athlete. Kim coached Kent his junior and senior years of high school, sharing his dreams for sport ministry, convinced that God brought coach and player together for something beyond basketball.



  • 1988-1997

    For ten years, Kent carried the dream of sport ministry through his journey as a small college basketball player, youth pastor, corporate director, and entrepreneur. 

  • 1998

    In faith, Kent resigned as a corporate director at a global sports marketing firm to launch SportQuest from his hometown of Lawton, OK.

    Kent teamed up with his former high school basketball coach who founded Athletes of Good News headquartered at Camp Y’Shua’s 100-acre facility in the Wichita Mountains of Southwest Oklahoma; serving as the Executive Director of AOGN, while developing the plan to launch SportQuest.

  • 1998-1999

    For Kent, his life and corporate experiences prepared him for the road ahead. However, by God’s grace, this period was necessary to learn deep lessons in humility and character with the testing of faith and the challenge to wait on God’s perfect timing.

  • 2000

    Through divine guidance, Kent met Henk Stoorvogel from the Netherlands who had recently launched a sport ministry in his country, Elton Good a young man from Ireland with a vision and passion for youth and sport and also Kurt Maeyens, a dynamic pastor in Belgium. Through these relationships, the first Athletes of Good News teams comprised of high school athletes were sent to Israel, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Ireland. Partnering with local churches, leading community sport camps for local youth, and competing in international competition with a focus on discipleship and establishing a long-term presence in local communities.

    The High School Christian Student Athlete Award was launched in the state of Oklahoma to recognize and honor Christian athletes who were nominated by school faculty who excelled in athletics and academics but most importantly displayed a clear witness of their faith in Christ in their school and community.


  • 2001-2006

    The Athletes of Good News travel teams began operating under the name SportQuest.

    The High School Christian Student Athlete Award was expanded into all 50 states reaching 20,000 high schools with 6,000-8,000 student athletes nominated every year. A stringent criteria was required to receive a nomination that reflected the student athletes commitment to excellence in athletics, academics and their faith.

    Michelle, Kent’s wife of two years, resigned as an elementary school teacher to provide much needed administrative support to the ministry. Raising financial support for their family and ministry projects brought a new season of faith and obedience to the call God had placed on their lives.


  • 2001

    SportQuest sends hundreds of high school and college athletes (basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, football, soccer, tennis and dance) every summer to partner with local churches and community agencies in Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Haiti and cities throughout the USA.

  • 2002

    Seth and Joy Leichtfuss, from San Diego, CA, moved to Lawton, OK by faith to join with Kent and Michelle as SportQuest’s first full-time staff. Seth and Joy also established the first SQ international office in Belgium in 2005 before returning to San Diego, CA in 2010 to establish the first SportQuest USA satellite office.


  • 2006

    After much prayer and a blessing from AOGN, SportQuest Ministries Inc. was established as a 501c(3) non-profit organization.

  • 2007

    In a step of faith, SportQuest relocated to Indianapolis, IN.

  • 2007-2009

    SportQuest experienced much growth and blessing through the early years but having to rebuild the infrastructure proved to be challenging as we struggled to reestablish momentum.  

    However, the dream never died while undoubtedly God provided, directed, and spoke clearly from Acts 20:24 to “finish the work.”

  • 2010-2012

    Ministry staff, international offices and projects expanded with our first multi sport project in Egypt. In Moldova, a national basketball academy launched and in Nigeria, Ukraine, and Central America we focused on strengthening local leaders who ministered in and through sport teams, sport camps, schools, and leadership and team building trainings.

  • 2013

    The 4th Musketeer USA (4M USA) was established as a ministry division of SportQuest. In 2008, 4M was founded in the Netherlands by Henk Stoorvogel and experienced tremendous growth inspiring men’s hearts and mobilizing them to bring waves of justice around the world. Because of their long time friendship and ministry together, Henk asked Kent to launch 4M in the USA.

  • 2015

    With a strong ministry foundation and succession plan in place, Rance Bland accepted the invitation to serve as the Global Director of SportQuest. Rance traveled as an athlete to Israel the first year SportQuest projects were launched in 2000. Rance then traveled to Belgium for many years as an athlete, project leader and then in 2013, joined the SportQuest team full-time and moved with his wife, Stacy, to Belgium.

    The story of SportQuest is a story of God’s faithfulness and provision in thousands of people’s lives around the world. SportQuest is a tool, a platform, which God is using to fulfill His plan and purpose in the lives of SportQuest family members. We believe our story has just begun…


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