Cesar and Irela Rodriguez

SQ Panama Coordinators

Cesar grew up playing many sports but dedicated himself primarily to the game of volleyball. As a young person, volleyball became a god in his life. However, during his first year of college, a coach shared with him about a God who had a wonderful plan for his life. In 1997, Jesus completely changed Cesar.

Cesar went on to complete his degree in physical education and sports. At the time, he didn't realize that his college degree was part of God’s plan to prepare him for sport ministry. In 2002, God showed Cesar how he could use sports to glorify the Lord. Then in 2004, God also gave him a beautiful wife and partner in ministry. Together, for the past six years, Cesar and Irela have been serving the Lord in full-time sports ministry in their home country of Costa Rica and all throughout the Latin American region. In 2015, they moved to Panama to develop leaders and build effective sport ministry throughout Panama.

Cesar and Irela have two passions: to share God's love with children and young people through sport and to disciple young people and train and equip the next generation of leaders in Latin America to continue in sports ministry in every country and every city. They have two children, Matias (2008) and Lucia (2012).

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