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65% of kids in youth sports say they play simply to be with their friends and 71% say they wouldn’t care if no score was kept in their games, yet in our ultra-competitive, high-pressure world it is very difficult for kids to find a place where they can have fun, be part of a team, and grow, not just their skills, but in their faith and character too. Many young athletes struggle with their identity because they feel like they are defined by how well they perform on the field and are measured by how they contributed to the Win/Loss column of the program. Like Kevin, SportQuest believes all youth should have access to a coach who cares about the whole athlete -- mind, body, and spirit -- who will provide them with an opportunity to have fun, belong, and build faith and character.

Our SportQuest coaches understand what it’s like to feel defined by their athletic abilities, but they have also discovered the true source of their identity -- thanks to coaches in their lives who cared about who they were on and off the field. Since 1998, SportQuest coaches have helped over 10,000 kids around the world find their identity in Christ and learn to Play With Purpose in 3 simple steps:

80% of the world watch and play sports. SportQuest is committed to reaching kids where they’re already at -- on the field, in the gym, or wherever they play. Every dollar you give to the Coach Who Cares Campaign enables our coaches to make a life-changing difference for the next generation. Make a year-end gift today that will enable our coaches to continue making disciples through the world of sport. Or you can become a Purpose Partner by committing to give a monthly donation of $100 or more to the ministry of SportQuest.

We don’t want to see young people win at sports yet lose at life. Sports are a God-given gift through which youth can build their character, learn to be part of a team, discover their identity and purpose, and serve others. Help us make a difference in the next generation by giving them a Coach Who Cares!

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