Kenneth De Heyn

SQ South Africa Co-Coordinator

Growing up in a non-Christian family in Belgium, Kenneth didn't know God in his childhood and wasn't really interested in Him either. At the age of 12, he heard about a SportQuest basketball camp led by American athletes and decided to check it out. He loved the camps so much that he went back every year. After a couple of years, something began to change. Each year Kenneth listened to the athletes’ testimonies, he began opening up his heart more and more for God. At the age of 14, Kenneth decided to accept Jesus Christ in his life and to follow Him. Then when he was 16, Kenneth chose to join the SportQuest team as an athlete and help them lead the camps so other Belgian youth could come to know Christ. Since 2013 Kenneth has been even more involved with SportQuest as he really began growing spiritually and listening to God.

During the summer of 2014, Kenneth graduated as a PE teacher and personal trainer. After graduation, he started working for SportQuest Belgium as a staff member and also started a part-time job as a PE teacher in his hometown. With both jobs, Kenneth is reaching out to kids and impacting their lives by listening to them and telling them about the love of God. Since Spring 2015, Kenneth has co-led a team of Belgians to South Africa on a PWP Project and has developed a big heart for this nation.  As of Fall 2015, Kenneth became the General Coordinator for the SportQuest Belgium team.  Kenneth plays and coaches basketball, is a huge Oklahoma City Thunder fan, and spends a lot of time on Skype talking to friends around the world.

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