Kevin Verstraeten

SQ Belgium Coordinator

Growing up in the small country of Belgium, Kevin quickly realized his passion for sports. He started playing basketball when he was nine years old and, little did he know, this would be the gateway to so many amazing experiences in his life. At the age of 15, his best friend, Wouter, invited him to attend a basketball camp. He attended his first SportQuest Basketball camp in his hometown city of Genk. Determined to defeat the American coaches in their own sport, he worked hard every day to show off his skills and prove his greater abilities. The second day of camp he received the Camper of the Day Award and a high school t-shirt from the camp coach, Rance (this same shirt still hangs in his room today.) From this point on, Kevin sparked an interest in getting to know the camp coaches and understand what was so special and different about these people.  He discovered they had something he didn’t – a relationship with Jesus.  By the end of the week, he was ready to discover what this relationship was all about, and he courageously asked his friend, Wouter, and the SQ coaches to pray with him to receive Christ.  This would be the start of an incredible journey for Kevin!

During the following year, Kevin experienced a great deal of injuries in basketball and struggles in life. That next summer, God drew Kevin back to the summer SQ camp. Throughout the week, he began to experience healing in his life. Miraculously, his own brothers also started asking him questions about Jesus. It was at this moment that God broke Kevin down completely and revealed the purpose for his life – sharing Christ's love through sports.

Since 2003, Kevin has never missed a SportQuest summer outreach and has participated in PWP Projects not only in Belgium, but also in Indianapolis, Lubbock, and San Diego.  In 2010, Kevin began an internship with SportQuest in Indiana and since then has become a full-time team member, initially serving as the PWP Projects Recruiting Coordinator.  Not long after moving to the U.S., Kevin met the love of his life, Jenni, and in February 2011 they were married.  In June 2015, Kevin officially became a U.S. citizen; however, the dream of returning to Belgium and impacting his home nation has never diminished.  In July 2016, Kevin and Jenni packed up everything and moved to Genk, Belgium -- his hometown -- where Kevin nows serves as the SportQuest Belgium General Coordinator.  Kevin loves all sports, but spends most of his leisure time playing basketball and disc golf.     

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