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  • Kent Susud Founder and President

    Kent is known as an advancer, mobilizer, and visionary.  He is the Founder and President of SportQuest Ministries, the CEO of the 4th Musketeer for North America and Latin America, and the USA Convener for the International Sports Coalition. Kent discovered the power and influence of sport in culture as a college basketball player and director for a sports marketing firm where he led Olympic-style sporting events in Europe for tens of thousands of amateur athletes around the world.  Through servant leadership, collaboration, and cultural adaptability, Kent has developed organizations and teams that use sport and adventure to challenge and disciple youth, inspire men’s hearts, and fight for justice. Since 1998, SportQuest has mobilized and equipped high school and college athletes to transform culture through sport in Latin America, North America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.  Famous for its Xtreme Character Challenge Weekends and Muskathlons, the 4th Musketeer brings thousands of men ever year to the highest place on earth – the foot of the cross – and raises millions of dollars in the fight for justice to help liberate children from poverty, rescue women from slavery, and support the persecuted church.  He currently resides in Indianapolis, IN with his wife, Michelle, and their three children.    

  • Michelle Susud Finance and Discipleship

    Michelle is married to Kent – her best friend, partner in ministry, and Founder of SQ Ministries. Michelle oversees the finances for SportQuest and serves in various discipleship roles. However, Michelle’s favorite role is that of a devoted wife and a proud mother to Jacob (2001), Luke (2002), and Holland (2006). Prior to her life with SQ, Michelle worked full-time with Kanakuk Christian Sports Kamps and taught elementary school. She also owns her own Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise. In 2000, Michelle took a huge step of faith, “retired” from teaching, and joined her husband Kent to help establish SQ. She has served alongside Kent not only in the office but has also led teams to the Netherlands, Belgium, London, Greece, Costa Rica, Oklahoma, California, and Indiana. While Kent is traveling worldwide for SQ, she faithfully manages the home and various ministry needs in Indianapolis, IN. Michelle is an avid athlete and played four years of college volleyball as an all-conference and academic all-conference volleyball setter, and one year of college soccer. She has coached volleyball and tennis teams and now enjoys playing various sports with her children and cheering at their many league games. Although she has competed in three half-marathons, she mostly enjoys exercise with a long walk and good conversation with a friend. Michelle mentors and disciples women around the world, leads and participates in women’s Bible studies, and coordinates the Welcome Center team at her church. Her heart for prayer helped spark a women's prayer focus through the 4th Musketeer Men's Movement. She loves entertaining and welcoming guests from all over the world into her home.    

  • Rance Bland Global Director

    Rance has a long history with SportQuest that began in 2000 when he applied for the PWP Scholarship and traveled with SQ for the first time to Israel.  Beginning with that life-changing experience, he would go on to participate in a total of twelve PWP Projects over the next 12 years in Belgium, Greece, and the U.S. before finally moving to Belgium with his wife, Stacy, in 2012 to serve full-time with the SportQuest Belgium team.  In January 2015, Rance transitioned into a new role as the Global Director of SportQuest Ministries in which he seeks to encourage and equip the SportQuest family worldwide.  Rance and Stacy had their first child – Jaxton Thomas Barrett Bland – on September 19, 2015.  A year later, the Bland family felt led by God to return to the U.S.  In September 2016, Rance, Stacy, Jaxton, and their 2 Labradors – Lilly and Molly – moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where Rance now continues serving as Global Director.  Rance is passionate about starting disciple-making movements and seeing people who have been disillusioned with dead religion encounter a real relationship with Jesus. Rance had a long basketball career that included a high school state championship in Texas, playing college ball at Abilene Christian University – where he also received a Bachelor’s in Missions – and playing overseas in Belgium for a national level team.  Now he enjoys coaching youth and playing occasionally for fun.  He also loves hiking, reading, dreaming about Belgian waffles, the Boston Celtics, and hanging out with his family.  Stacy also has a huge passion for missions and plays a vital support role to Rance and the ministry of SportQuest.  In this season of life, she is mainly focused on being a mom, loving her extended family, and serving people through her gift of hospitality, but she also has a long history with SportQuest – particating in many PWP Projects and serving on the SQ Belgium team from 2012 – 2016.  Stacy grew up playing competitive club soccer and is also a Registered Nurse.  Together, Rance and Stacy make a great team and love seeing how God is using the SportQuest family around the world to make an eternal difference in the lives of so many.

  • Becky Bowden SQ Indianapolis Coordinator and PWP Project Administrator

    From a young age, Becky developed a love for sports and always knew she would be involved in athletics in some way in the future. Later in high school she also felt a call to ministry, which at the time felt like a pull in the opposite direction. Through the Lord’s leading in 2009, she traveled to Belgium on her first SportQuest PWP project. This trip was a defining moment in her life as it was the first realization that sports could be used as a ministry to impact the Kingdom of God. From that point forward, Becky has used her love for sports and passion for the Lord to point many to Christ, develop their character, and strengthen their faith. Becky grew up in Alabama where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Health and Physical Education and began teaching, coaching, and serving as an athletic administrator. After a few years of teaching she went back to school to receive her Master's degree in Coaching and Athletic Administration. In 2016, armed with education, experiences, and a great support system, Becky accepted God’s calling to join the SportQuest Indianapolis team as a full-time staff member. Becky’s role with SportQuest includes leading SportQuest Indianapolis and serving on the Global Facilitation Team. As a part of her ministry in Indianapolis, Becky coaches middle school sports, runs a recreational basketball league, and hosts events for local athletes. On the global scale, she helps lead PWP Projects during the summer and disciples SQ alumni throughout the year. Since her initial trip to Belgium, she has traveled on several other projects with SportQuest, including London, San Diego, and Belgium again. While volleyball and softball are her main sports, she also enjoys playing basketball, tennis, and golf. In addition to sports, Becky spends her free time painting, playing board games, and spending time with family and friends.

  • Seth Leichtfuss SQ San Diego Coordinator and Webmaster

    Seth was born in the OC and raised in Southern California. Seth joined the SQ team back in 2002 with his wife Joy. Somehow Joy convinced Seth to move from sunny SoCal to southwest Oklahoma to become the first full-time staff to join Founder Kent Susud.  Since 2002, Seth has led PWP Projects to Indiana, California, Belgium, Greece, and Ireland. In 2011, Seth and Joy returned to Southern California after five years of living in Belgium to begin SportQuest San Diego. Seth's passion is to see young people become committed followers of Christ. With a heart for discipleship, Seth coaches high school tennis and facilitates a tennis academy, through which he has the opportunity to train young people competitively as well as challenge them spiritually. Together they also serve the youth ministry in their local church in Valley Center.  Seth has a true servant’s heart and a unique ability to solve complex challenges. He loves to laugh and make others laugh. Seth has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from California State University, San Marcos. Seth and Joy are the proud parents of two boys, Levi (July 2005) and Ethan (Jan. 2008), and one girl, Juliana (May 2010). In addition to surfing, Seth enjoys snowboarding, rock climbing, basketball, tennis, and playing guitar.

  • Danielle Thomas SQ Baton Rouge Coordinator

    Danielle grew up an athlete and has been passionate about sports since she learned how to play soccer during recess in the first grade. Her playing career ended in 2006 after an injury, but since then, the Lord has led Danielle on a surprising journey and given her a heart for gospel-centered social justice and service in urban communities.  After travelling in 2006 on her first SportQuest PWP Project, Danielle began attending Milligan College. Knowing the Lord was leading her into missions work, she studied abroad in France and Uganda and served with SportQuest to gain as much traveling and ministry experience as possible before graduation. She expected to move overseas as a missionary after college, but life took a surprising turn in 2010 when the Lord instead opened doors for her to go to graduate school at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. After her first year in her new home, Danielle was introduced to the Gardere neighborhood where, in 2012, she founded the SportQuest Baton Rouge PWP Project. The SQBR Project is just a small piece of the work the Lord has initiated in Gardere, where twenty-plus years of faithful seed planting by a small group of local believers has grown into an after school tutoring and summer enrichment program, youth sports teams, community garden, and neighborhood resource center for struggling families. Christians who are partnering in this work agree that community development and overcoming social ills such as crime, poverty, and racism must be rooted in the gospel’s power to transform hearts and minds.  Usually the city where someone attends graduate school is a temporary home, but God has called Danielle to stay and continue to serve in Baton Rouge. The past ten years have been a lesson in the basics of missions. Sometimes being a missionary means going somewhere, but it can also mean staying where you are. Either way, missions is always about living every day as a faithful disciple of Christ and inviting others to do the same. There is SO MUCH to love about Louisiana—incredible food, culture that overflows with hospitality and fun, LSU football, etc.—and Danielle is grateful for the opportunity to continue to do life and share the gospel in Baton Rouge. As locals might say, “Laissez les bons temps rouler!” (Let the good times roll).  

  • Lawson Sampson SQ West Africa Director

    Lawson suffered terribly as an orphan while growing up in Nigeria, at times death seemed better than life. However, God in His infinite mercy sustained him and kept him alive because His purpose for bringing him into the world was not yet accomplished. In 1990, Lawson placed his trust in Christ but was not ready to give up the ambitions he had for his own life. In 1998, as a professional soccer player and businessman, Lawson’s talents took him to Eastern Europe. It was during this time that his business and the dream of a long and prosperous soccer career ended. The Lord led Lawson to Kishinev Bible Church in Moldova where Lawson began to surrender his ambitions for a deep trust in God’s plan for His life. The pastor invited Lawson to attend a local Bible study and from that point on, he has never looked back. Lawson returned to Nigeria in 2000 and founded Crossway Evangelical Ministries Worldwide and Generational Sports International. Lawson now serves full-time with SportQuest ministering throughout West Africa on the soccer field and in churches and bringing community transformation through sport. Lawson has a beautiful wife, Joy, and six children – Jennifer, Samuel, Overcomer, Faith, Love, and Davida.

  • Andrii Petrenko SQ Ukraine Coordinator

    Andrii Petrenko is a former professional soccer player who received a calling to work in sports ministry when he was 18 years old. Andrii trained in South Africa with the International Sports Leadership School from July 2010 - October 2010, where he developed leadership skills, received training in effective teambuilding, and immersed himself with God’s teachings of obedience, humility and selflessness. Andrii was called back to serve in the Euro-Asian Sport Leadership School as a program assistant in the summer of 2011 in Kiev, Ukraine. He was involved in sports training for students from nine different countries. Andrii graduated from Sumy Regional Bible College in 2010. Since 2011, Andrii has continued to serve in the Euro-Asian Sport Leadership School (an intensive one-month sport leadership training) as a program director for key leaders in the discipleship movement that operates in and through sport.  It was alos in 2011 that Andrii began developing a relationship with Kent Susud and came on staff with SportQuest Ministries. Now, Andrii serves as a soccer coach for 60 young players in 3 teams, providing regular practices, camps, and competitions as well as a strong focus on discipleship.  His ultimate goal is to help players and their families discover God through Discovery Bible Study groups, which allow people to explore the Bible, get to know God, and begin putting God’s Word into practice.  This model has been so effective in Shostka that they are seeking to pass what they’ve learned on to other Christian soccer coaches throughout Ukraine.  They are currently investing in 70 coaches in Ukraine who are able to impact the lives of 1,000 soccer players. They provide quality training in soccer and in discipleship through sport using disciple-making strategy called "Sport and Life" that seeks to catalyse the massive potential for influence in sport clubs & coaches.  Their mission is to train and empower young people in discipleship and help them start sport ministry teams in their local churches, cities, and regions. Andrii prays that through him, God will bring transformation in his town, as well as all Eurasia, by using sport to make disciples who make disciples.

  • Cesar and Irela Rodriguez SQ Panama Coordinators

    Cesar grew up playing many sports but dedicated himself primarily to the game of volleyball. As a young person, volleyball became a god in his life. However, during his first year of college, a coach shared with him about a God who had a wonderful plan for his life. In 1997, Jesus completely changed Cesar. Cesar went on to complete his degree in physical education and sports. At the time, he didn't realize that his college degree was part of God’s plan to prepare him for sport ministry. In 2002, God showed Cesar how he could use sports to glorify the Lord. Then in 2004, God also gave him a beautiful wife and partner in ministry. Together, for the past six years, Cesar and Irela have been serving the Lord in full-time sports ministry in their home country of Costa Rica and all throughout the Latin American region. In 2015, they moved to Panama to develop leaders and build effective sport ministry throughout Panama. Cesar and Irela have two passions: to share God's love with children and young people through sport and to disciple young people and train and equip the next generation of leaders in Latin America to continue in sports ministry in every country and every city. They have two children, Matias (2008) and Lucia (2012).

  • Oscar and Cirimar Pena SQ Venezuela Coordinators

    Oscar spent much of his life dedicated to the sport of Judo. He trained and competed since the age of nine, but in his teen years got into trouble and became a juvenile delinquent. This behavior continued until he met Jesus in 2005. From the day Oscar accepted the Lord Jesus as his Savior, he felt an intense desire to serve Him with his whole life. He started working part-time in sports ministry and did this for five years. Then in 2010, Oscar made two big decisions in his life – he started dating a Christian young lady named Cirimar and started working full-time in sport ministry. In the beginning, these choices were very difficult, but after three years they married (December 2014) and today they serve the Lord together full-time. Oscar and Cirimar deliver workshops on sport motivation to sports clubs, lead sports clinics in schools and colleges, and organize sporting activities in indigenous, poor and hard-to-reach communities. All of these areas are used as a platform for them to share the Gospel of Jesus to the children, youth, and families and to help these new followers of Christ become a part of a local church. They are also dedicated to train Christian sport leaders to use sport as a tool for evangelism and discipleship. Oscar’s dream is to build an orphanage where children are educated with love and biblical principles and use a variety of sports, arts, and crafts in this process. He also desires to train professional athletes to love God with all their heart, soul, and mind.

  • Kurt Maeyens Director of BEM and SQ Belgium Board Member

    It seems that everyone in Belgium knows Kurt Maeyens, and to know him truly is to love him. Kurt, husband of Fokkeline and father to four children (Liesbeth, Samuel, Nathan, and Eunike), first met Kent in 2000, and an instant bond of friendship was formed. Kurt is a full-time missionary in his own country, and he has been instrumental in helping carve a niche for SportQuest in Belgium. He has also guided the formation of the SportQuest Belgium team, which runs all of the daily operations of SportQuest in Belgium. In addition to his work with SportQuest, Kurt is also the Executive Director of the Belgian Evangelical Mission, which is a team of missionaries committed to building Christ's church in Belgium, and he serves on the leadership team of his local church.  Kurt is truly a spiritual father to many people in Belgium and around the world.  Not only is Kurt a great leader, he’s also quite skilled at soccer, freestyle rap, dance, and long-distance running.

  • Kenneth De Heyn SQ South Africa Co-Coordinator

    Growing up in a non-Christian family in Belgium, Kenneth didn't know God in his childhood and wasn't really interested in Him either. At the age of 12, he heard about a SportQuest basketball camp led by American athletes and decided to check it out. He loved the camps so much that he went back every year. After a couple of years, something began to change. Each year Kenneth listened to the athletes’ testimonies, he began opening up his heart more and more for God. At the age of 14, Kenneth decided to accept Jesus Christ in his life and to follow Him. Then when he was 16, Kenneth chose to join the SportQuest team as an athlete and help them lead the camps so other Belgian youth could come to know Christ. Since 2013 Kenneth has been even more involved with SportQuest as he really began growing spiritually and listening to God. During the summer of 2014, Kenneth graduated as a PE teacher and personal trainer. After graduation, he started working for SportQuest Belgium as a staff member and also started a part-time job as a PE teacher in his hometown. With both jobs, Kenneth is reaching out to kids and impacting their lives by listening to them and telling them about the love of God. Since Spring 2015, Kenneth has co-led a team of Belgians to South Africa on a PWP Project and has developed a big heart for this nation.  As of Fall 2015, Kenneth became the General Coordinator for the SportQuest Belgium team.  Kenneth plays and coaches basketball, is a huge Oklahoma City Thunder fan, and spends a lot of time on Skype talking to friends around the world.

  • Jennifer Rhea SQ South Africa Co-Coordinator

    Growing up in Lawton where SportQuest was founded, Jennifer had the opportunity to travel with SportQuest for the first time in 2000 as a high school senior to Ireland. Once SportQuest got in her blood, there was no going back! Over the next eleven years she traveled on numerous other PWP Projects to Ireland, Belgium, and England. She even worked for a year in the SportQuest office after graduating from college. In 2010, Kent approached her about serving long-term in Belgium, and after much prayer and preparation, she knew that was where God was leading her. Jennifer's heart, deep love for God, and her desire to serve Him wherever He calls her, led her to move from Oklahoma to Belgium in July 2011. She wears many hats for the SportQuest Belgium team, but one of her main roles is managing the SQ BE website and social media platforms.  She also plays a big role in the day-to-day life of the summer interns, helps with follow-up programs, and provides leadership for the summer project. Since Spring 2015, she has co-led a team of Belgians to South Africa on a PWP Project and has developed a big heart for this nation. Jennifer graduated from Oklahoma University with a degree in Health and Exercise Science. She played basketball all through high school and still has some nice post moves. She is a huge Bob Dylan fan, loves dogs, and thinks everything tastes better with a little cinnamon.

  • Kevin Verstraeten SQ Belgium Coordinator

    Growing up in the small country of Belgium, Kevin quickly realized his passion for sports. He started playing basketball when he was nine years old and, little did he know, this would be the gateway to so many amazing experiences in his life. At the age of 15, his best friend, Wouter, invited him to attend a basketball camp. He attended his first SportQuest Basketball camp in his hometown city of Genk. Determined to defeat the American coaches in their own sport, he worked hard every day to show off his skills and prove his greater abilities. The second day of camp he received the Camper of the Day Award and a high school t-shirt from the camp coach, Rance (this same shirt still hangs in his room today.) From this point on, Kevin sparked an interest in getting to know the camp coaches and understand what was so special and different about these people.  He discovered they had something he didn’t – a relationship with Jesus.  By the end of the week, he was ready to discover what this relationship was all about, and he courageously asked his friend, Wouter, and the SQ coaches to pray with him to receive Christ.  This would be the start of an incredible journey for Kevin! During the following year, Kevin experienced a great deal of injuries in basketball and struggles in life. That next summer, God drew Kevin back to the summer SQ camp. Throughout the week, he began to experience healing in his life. Miraculously, his own brothers also started asking him questions about Jesus. It was at this moment that God broke Kevin down completely and revealed the purpose for his life – sharing Christ's love through sports. Since 2003, Kevin has never missed a SportQuest summer outreach and has participated in PWP Projects not only in Belgium, but also in Indianapolis, Lubbock, and San Diego.  In 2010, Kevin began an internship with SportQuest in Indiana and since then has become a full-time team member, initially serving as the PWP Projects Recruiting Coordinator.  Not long after moving to the U.S., Kevin met the love of his life, Jenni, and in February 2011 they were married.  In June 2015, Kevin officially became a U.S. citizen; however, the dream of returning to Belgium and impacting his home nation has never diminished.  In July 2016, Kevin and Jenni packed up everything and moved to Genk, Belgium -- his hometown -- where Kevin nows serves as the SportQuest Belgium General Coordinator.  Kevin loves all sports, but spends most of his leisure time playing basketball and disc golf.     

  • Meghan Bass SQ Belgium Team Member

    Full of country charm and armed with a movie quote for every situation, Meghan moved to Belgium in September 2015 to serve with the SportQuest Belgium team.  Coming from small town Crosbyton, Texas, Meghan never met a stranger and has embraced the opportunity to be in a new culture, meet new people, and learn from new perspectives.  One of Meghan’s main roles is organizing and leading our SQ Reunions, a year-round follow-up program for kids who come to our summer camps that runs in partnership with our local church partners. Meghan is currently attending Dutch classes to help her continue learning the language and is also playing basketball for a local club team, which will certainly give her many chances to quote from her favorite movie -- "Hoosiers."

  • Leslie Geist SQ Belgium Team Member

    Leslie began her adventure with SportQuest in 2013 as a participant during the SportQuest San Diego project. During that experience she came to realize that everything we do in our lives can be for the glory of God, including our sport and hobbies. The next summer she returned to San Diego, and as she spoke with other SQ alumni about their experiences in Belgium, God began to put that European nation on her heart. In the summer of 2015, she decided to come to Belgium and as an intern for the SportQuest Belgium team. During this experience, she realized how much she loved what SportQuest did in this small country, and how their work contributes to the Kingdom of God. In November 2017, Leslie moved to Belgium and officially became part of the SportQuest Belgium team. She helps in all aspects of the Belgium ministry but specifically her role includes handling the accounting for the team and coordinating the summer internship experience. Leslie studied International Business at Kansas State University and obtained a degree in Accounting and a minor in Spanish in May 2017. Besides her obsession with sheep, you will often find her donned in purple clothing in honor of her beloved K-State Wildcats. In her spare time she likes baking – currently she is busy finding the recipe for the perfect chocolate chip cookie and apple pie.

  • Debbie Cutshall Founder of E3 Sports and Games

    Debbie counted on church and sports as her way out of a broken and rough family life. Debbie has always had a passion for sports. She played every sport possible through junior high and high school but chose volleyball as her main focus. Debbie received a volleyball scholarship to King College in Tennessee. She excelled in her collegiate career at King where she received NAIA and NCCAA All-American awards, various Player of the Year awards, and many more notable accomplishments. Debbie’s #14 jersey was retired in 1995, and in 2008 she was inducted into the King College Hall of Fame. While volleyball was a passion at King, she had a bigger passion for missions and participated in mission trips to inner city Philadelphia, PA and Kiev, Ukraine. It was this passion for missions that fueled her future life in sport ministry. Debbie was the head volleyball coach at Milligan College from 1995-2002. While at Milligan, Debbie took a team to the NAIA Tournament and received Coach of the Year awards. In 2002, Debbie decided to put her coaching career on hold to focus on her growing family. Debbie’s SportQuest journey began in the summer of 2005, when she traveled to Belgium to help lead the volleyball team. After that summer, Debbie stayed in contact with Kent and Michelle Susud and always felt a strong connection with SportQuest. In 2012 Debbie traveled to Baton Rouge for the first time, and that was when God began to clearly speak to her about a future with SportQuest. In the summer of 2013, Debbie joined the SportQuest team and helped lead projects in Baton Rouge and Indianapolis – and her family joined her as well!  Since then Debbie has continued to partner with Danielle Thomas to lead and coordinate the Baton Rouge project.  Debbie is also a Regional Trainer for the International Sports Coalition.   Debbie currently lives in Kingsport, Tennessee with her husband Terry and their five children – Mackenzie, Jeremiah, Ella, Mollee, and Cooper. Debbie’s passion is to follow God fully and serve Him.

  • Pavel Rozhkov SQ Ukraine Team Member

    Pavel Rozhkov has always loved sports – and rugby in particular. In 2003, as a fourteen year old, Pavel (also known as “Pasha”) was invited to an event called KidsGames that was organized by a sport ministry in Ukraine. He gave his life to Christ during that event, and the next year he began serving in KidsGames as a volunteer. After this, Pavel really began to excel at rugby, an up-and- coming sport in Ukraine, and eventually was able to play professionally. As a professional athlete, he made a commitment to serve God through sports, and in 2009 he graduated from the Eurasian sports leadership school, where he met Andrii Petrenko for the first time. In 2012, he attended the International Sports Leadership School in South Africa where he received further training in sport ministry. At this time, he was also the head coach of the top rugby team in his home city of Rivne. In 2016, he moved to Kiev and became part of the Eurasian sport ministry team with the focus of developing a discipleship ministry through sports camps in Eurasia and through chaplaincy in professional rugby clubs. Pavel joined SportQuest in 2017 and now partners with the Rugby Federation of Europe and Ukraine to develop chaplaincy in Ukrainian rugby teams. He continues to organize rugby camps in various cities, provides teambuilding for groups such as businesses and ministries, and is a trainer in the Eurasian sports leadership school. In 2018, he also began coordinating the process of bringing the 4 th Musketeer movement to Ukraine. Pavel is married to his wonderful wife, Alina, who supports his ministry and serves with him.

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