Ukraine Spring 2017 Update

Thank you for being part of this ministry through your prayers and support. I am blessed with a ministry that God entrusted to me. We have some challenges we have many good things but generally I am happy to be servant of our Almighty God.

Here are some updates that we have this spring.

Last tournament for the U-17 team March 28-30.
Most of my players of this age will have graduation from the school this May. They need to prepare for exams and tests in schools. We played last tournament as a team together and after we reduced amount of practices with them. We shifted from 4 times per week practices to 1-2 practices to allow them to concentrate more on school. Shostka is small town and we don’t have a college here that’s why most of them will leave our town for colleges and institutes in larger cities of Ukraine. It is sad to say goodbye to them.
I tried my best to give them understanding of God and show them that He loves them as father loves his kids. I hope that God will continue his work in them at the places where they go. More than 50 kids for 7 year of work with this particular age group went through our team end every of them was able to hear Gospel and to learn about Jesus. Around 20 of them prayed with me about their salvation. I am not sure how serious they were but I understand that God will continue his work in them. 4 of them will play in adults teams and 2 more will help out with work that I am doing in Shostka as a coach at the volunteer level. Blessed time to share life with those kids and hope many of them will be with us in the Kingdom of our God.
Please pray for them so God would bring them to Him.

Baptism of previous captain of the team April 9. 
I wrote about Dima in previous letter. He came to faith in our club, he became more mature in faith at the University. Now he do Disciples of Jesus through Sports. The best fruit is Disciple who make Disciples.

Football courses for the coaches in Zakarpattya region April 3-7.
We had this courses in Uzhgorod Zakarpattya region. We were there by invitation of Football Federation of this region. Our desire was to serve to the community of unbelieving coaches and share the Gospel with them. Great coach educator from Northern Ireland came to serve to Ukrainian coaches and in the end clearly shared the Gospel with them through his testimony. We had around 38 coaches 9 of them were christian coaches from other regions of Ukraine. With this event we were able to serve to Christian coaches and develop new ministry opportunities in this very religious and soccer minded region. As follow up we want to do trainings on how coach can be a Father to kids together with partnering organization and we hope to have same courses next year.

The youngest teams.
April was a great month for soccer development and for spiritual growth. We had many friendly games and tournaments with local teams. When they have some success in their soccer development they show more trust to me as a coach and it makes easier to do spiritual work. This helps me speak to their hearts. Because of Easter it was special weeks around life of Jesus his courage his death and resurrection.

Please pray for us we have a lot of things to do in next couple months.
I will be in States May 3-15. We have working meeting of International Sport Coalition till 8th May and after some time for rest and visit some friends in Texas. Pray for continues growth of teams in Shostka and assistant coaches who will stay with teams.

June 12-16 SportQuest Soccer camp Shostka. Preparation and God’s leading in conducting camp.

June 24-29 Christian Soccer Union of Ukraine will conduct soccer camp for around 140kids from all over Ukraine. Great opportunity for investment in development of ministry through soccer in Ukraine.

1 July - 2 August Eurasian Sport Leadership School in Moldova. Wisdom for team to conduct this training, right students who would spread Kingdom further in Eurasia.

Please let me know if I would able to pray for you specifically.
Love you in Christ 

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