Ukraine Spring Update

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. I haven`t wrote to you for a long time because of such a full events schedule. We had 3 very important projects for ministry here in Ukraine for empowering leaders and straightening faith of many people. It is except of the all everyday practices and weekly Bible studies.

International Sport Leadership Training level -1 (ISLT-1) Kiev 9-13 March
SportQuest mission trip to Shostka (my town) 25March-3April
Training for soccer coaches 11-14 April


SportQuest mission trip to Shostka (my town) 25March-3April
It was very special event. It was first time when people from other countries came to serve to local community through sport. We had 5 people from Belgium, USA and Germany. Not all of them play or played soccer well but all of them love the Lord and want to serve Him. In my eyes these people are heroes. They sacrificed their time their efforts their finances to come and serve alongside with our team to our community. Main reason for their coming was work with 3 our teams but as well we had presentations in public schools, school for difficult kids or kids without parents and in English club in our town.

My kids love to be with them it is always very impacting for personal growth and development such communication with other cultures. Kids saw another great example of believers who love them and serve them, they would never see this in their environment. 
Every sport session was well prepared and kids love to have a lot of attention from 7-9 coaches at the same time. All my teams worked very hard. As a spiritual part all of our guests shared their testimonies and delivered Bible stories about Jesus. It was tremendous step forward in the development of these young players from spiritual perspective as well as sport and social and emotional side.


One guy who came on our practices just two weeks before coming of Belgians his name is Sergiy he never smiled and always was upset. Week before SQ team came I found his notebook where I found writings like: “I want to die.” “Born on 2004 died 2016” and other. He has problems in his family. Parents are divorced father is selling drugs. I asked to live him for this week because it was his father`s desire to go our club. At the camp Belgians gave away rewards some medals and Mike one of our team gave him by mistake a medal for best shooting but Sergiy could not shoot at all!!! But it was not mistake. Sergiy smiled first time when he run and give “high five” to all team and our friends from Belgium and receive his reward. He really enjoyed time with us and now he comes to practices and laughs almost every practice. God is on a work with our team. 

We did presentations in school and shared about countries where guys came from and shared about SportQuest. They were able to share about their own religion and their background. Which was really good “advertisement” of the work that we are doing in Shostka.  In the end of the week we had event where parents and kids where together. They play fun games and sports. For me it is great privilege to be a person who helps to build up families. All the parents were really happy and it was unbelievable how through sport they became much closer with their kids at the blink of the eye.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support by God grace we continue to be faithful for the calling that we have for our lives and our community. I am blessed to have you in the SQ Ukraine ministry team.

Please continue to pray for us:

·         For our 3 teams, spiritual and holistic growth. We have soccer season started it is best opportunity for me to impact their lives through the things that are important for my players.

·         For 4 families that participate in Bible study

·         6-7 May Presentation of Sport ministry for youth of Baptist union in our region.

·         Preparation for summer projects and camps.


Please let me know if I can somehow pray for you specifically.
Blesssings and much love from Ukraine

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