Ukraine Winter Update

Thank you for being part of this ministry through your prayers and support. I am blessed with a ministry that God entrusted to me. We have some challenges we have many good things but generally I am happy to be servant of our Almighty God.

Here are some updates that we have in winter.

U-16 team
We participate in 2 tournaments it was good team time. Every tournament for us as a camp we go to other town live there and play games but the most important is time that we can spend around God’s word. We do Bible lessons, we pray and we have lots of time for individual conversations. 
Vlad was very talented at the age of 11 he was one of the best players in our region, but because of bad influence of piers he start to drink vodka and smoke and he stopped do soccer at the age of 12 unfortunately he lost most of his skills but he came to our team and now we hope that he will have time of restoration. We had some very good conversations. I hope that being part of our team will help him came to faith and change his life.
Two my best players from this team went to highest division in youth soccer in Ukraine. They going to play in a club that is in best 10 in their age in Ukraine. I hope that they will become good agents of influence in their team and became professionals and will proclaim Jesus from higher stage. They came to faith in our club. Their names Maksim and Vladislav.


U-13 team
We continue to grow with this team as well in different areas. We had 2 tournaments where we had  chance to shape our team in soccer and character development.  We go through stories of the Bible with them as well as with older team and it is a pleasure to see how they more and more understand the Bible and see how it reflects in their life.


U-8 team
I have great fun to work with them. They are in great age to learn and I am blessed to work with them. As a coach I have great power to impact their lives. After practices they came to me and say: Andriy Igorevich, did I do a good job today? I understand how big their need for affirmation. I try to show my love through encouragement and kind words but in the same time keep discipline so they would able to grow. Parents try to be with them as much as they can and I try to create an atmosphere where parents and coach work together to shape character of kids and it is a great platform for sharing my faith with kids and


Bible study with families.
With 4 families we finished our Bible course from Discipleship Daily. It was 12 stories that help understand Bible better. 2 families (parents of my youngest soccer players) they didn’t know about Jesus before this Bible study and I believe that Jesus changed their lives. I am blessed to have them and lead them to Christ.

Football ministry
We had a meeting of key soccer ministries on February 5. We made plans for this year. We are blessed to have people together who think in the same way and most of all we want to see growth of the Kingdom through proclaiming the Gospel and making disciples on a soccer fields.

Fruits of my disciples and our ministry team.
Yasha, my disciple who move to study to other town and he continue to serve to the students in his University. They do sport events to reach out to people and after that they do Bible study with them. He works with other young believers and he impacts them to share their faith with other people in their community. 


Please pray we will have a very full Spring. We did a lot of preparation towards this season in winter:


International Sport Leadership Training level -1 Kiev 9-13 March
We have 7th training and we expect around 30 people from Ukraine and Moldova. We work with young team and we hope that God will work with those people so they might serve Him in a best way.

SportQuest mission trip to Shostka (my town) 25March-3April
5 people from USA, Belgium and Germany will come for a short visit with us to help us in our ministry here. It will be first time when we have people and we hope that God will use it as a catalyst to start transformation in our community.

Training for soccer coaches 11-14 April
Coach from Northern Ireland will come to teach our coaches in soccer and we will conduct module “how to make disciples on a soccer field”

We consider these events as a key moments for transformation in our community so please pray for us and God’s work here.

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