Oscar trained and competed in Judo since the age of nine, but in his teen years he made some mistakes and often broke the law. This behavior continued until he met Jesus in 2005. From the day Oscar accepted the Lord Jesus as his Savior, he felt an intense desire to serve Him with his whole life. He started working part-time in sports ministry and did this for five years, including completing the International Sports Leadership School in South Africa. Then in 2010, Oscar made two big decisions in his life – he started dating a Christian young lady named Cirimar and started working full-time in sport ministry. In the beginning, they faced many challenges in ministry, but after three years they were married in December 2014, and today they continue serve the Lord together full-time in Venezuela.  Oscar is the Director of the ReadySetGo movement in Venezuela, and they are having a great impact in training churches to do sports ministry and raising up leaders for sports ministry all over Venezuela. 


Oscar and Cirimar Peña

SQ Venezuela Coordinators



Oscar and Cirimar have discovered the tool of sport can open many doors and is extremely effective in making disciples in many different areas of society.  They currently use the SportQuest clinic model in public schools to provide sports training as well as biblical discussion.  They also serve as chaplains for many Olympic athletes in Venezuela with whom they lead a weekly chapel service, and Oscar also leads a prison ministry for male inmates.  They also travel into indigenous, poor, and hard-to-reach communities where people have never heard the Gospel before and do not know who Jesus is.  By bringing food and clothing and providing soccer training, they are given the opportunity to share the Gospel and teach the Bible to tribal people.  As churches have seen the impact sports ministry is having in Venezuela, they have become eager to have Oscar and his team train their congregations in how to do sports ministry.  At least twice a month, Oscar and his team faciliate ReadySetGo trainings in different churches to enable people to utlize these tools in their local contexts and thus start a sports ministry movement through Venezuela.  They also serve as trainers/facilitators in the Latin America Sports Leadership School and disciple and empower many leaders in their region.



Oscar and Cirimar have a passion to launch others into their calling by building teams that will be able to give leadership to each area of ministry in which they currently operate -- public schools, prisons, sports chaplaincy, indigenous communities, and training churches.  In the ReadySetGo movement, it is often said, "If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together."  With this understanding, Oscar and Cirimar are seeking to disciple new leaders and empower them to take ownership of these ministries so that they can have a much greater impact than if they tried to do it on their own.  As these teams are developed, they will be able to expand their influence and minister in more schools, prisons, communities, and churches.  Their hope is to shift people's mentality from seeing SportQuest or ReadySetGo as "their ministry" to seeing it as "God's movement" in which everyone is invited to participate.  Their long-term dream is to build an orphanage where they can use a variety of sports, arts, and crafts to educate children with love and biblical principles.


  • In recent months we have seen the hand of God in everything we do. Despite the difficult situation of the country, where to buy basic food and medicine is practically impossible, the Lord has been...

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