Verstraeten's Update

1.SportQuest Ministries

January and February are always extremely important for two main reasons. The first reason is our Playing with Purpose Scholarship Program: February 1st was the deadline for student athletes from all over the country to apply to our program. Thousands of applicants applied during the final days and it was up to us to review all these applications. We ended up with a total of over 6,900 Christian student athletes that applied. Our job is really to help to guide and assist the selection committee to select the 4 winners out of the program. This takes an incredible amount of time and focus since there are so many deserving applicants.

The second big reason for the busyness of this season is the recruiting for our SportQuest Mission projects. We are continuously looking and inviting high school and college aged Christian athletes to join us on our 4 mission expeditions to Belgium, Panama, San Diego and Baton Rouge. Kris and I have spent hours upon hours calling deserving athletes and inviting them to these trips. We understand that SportQuest is not possible without our athletes, so please pray that we can get many more applicants to join us.   It can become a little much at times, but we know that we need to do whatever we can to make this year a great success for the Kingdom.

Kris and I did get some help in this busy season. For the first two weeks of February we had the privilege of having Jennifer Rhea with us. As mentioned in the last newsletter, Jen is one of our SQ staff members living in Belgium. She was a big help with our scholarship program and did other editorial improvements like our SportQuest newsletter and our PWP certificates.  We really enjoyed having her and catching up on life in ministry.


2. Belgium (T-minus 126 days)

Two months have passed and I love reviewing the things on our prayer list and seeing how faithful God is in providing. Step by step we are inching closer to that July 5th date.  There is still a lot of work to do, but we love to be able to cross things off of our to-do list.
Let’s start with the updates we can report since our last update.

  • We have purchased our airline tickets and are working on getting the cats ready for the ride.
  • The fundraiser hosted by the Hendricks County Disc Golf Club was a smashing success and we were gifted much more than we thought! We are very grateful for their support.
  • We have submitted our application for our “Certificate of Coverage.”  Now we have to wait to see if we need to submit any more information.
  • My grandpa’s apartment sold!   We had no leads, not a lot of interest for months, and it was starting to look bad.  I realized that I wasn’t allowing God to take control, so I found peace in my heart after much prayer, and God pulled through.   A few days later we agreed on a selling price, and the apartment was sold. Hallelujah!!! This means that we can live in my mom’s house, which is in a great location.  She now also has ability to pay off the mortgage before we get there. We love that positive domino effect. Praise God!
  • We have found a place to live from May-July 5!  A few weeks after sharing our need, a lady from our church, Mila, said that they had a nice sized apartment on the third floor of their house that was available for us to use.  We hope to sit down with them in the coming weeks to finalize the details. This would be a tremendous blessing, so please pray that everything will work out since we signed our move-out papers for our apartment last week.
  • We will be debt free within the next 1 – 1 ½ months, with the exception of Jenni’s student loans!!  This is such a huge thing for us because we really want all of your financial support to go to our mission work in Belgium, not to help us fix our previous poor financial decisions.


Outside of these updates, we do want to share some important things that are still coming up.

  • Jenni and I will be hosting a few fundraising events to help us toward that big goal of $15,000 in one time donations and $3250 in monthly support.  Our first fundraiser will be held on March 5thfrom 2pm to 5pm at the Ben Davis Christian Church Activity Center. We are hosting a Bingo afternoon with cool prices to be won. Please take a closer look at the attached picture or our Facebook pages. If you do want some more information, please reach out to me or Jenni.
  • In April we will be having a waffle lunch after church, and in May we will be having a cinnamon roll fundraiser (thanks Alicia!) and 5k walk/run. We will keep you updated on the details of these events in the near future.
  • We aren’t taking anything outside of our apparel, our cats, and some important/sentimental items, which means that we have a lot to get rid of.  The costs of shipping or paying the extra luggage/overweight fees just don’t make any sense when compared to buying new or used items in Belgium.  We will start sharing some of the items we are looking to sell very soon, so stay posted.  If you’d like to come over to take a look or tag items you’d like to buy when we move out at the end of April, please let us know so that we can set it up.


We would love to find a time where Jenni and I can share our vision with you in person. There are several ways you can connect with us, so please don’t hesitate to approach us.

Contact Us: 317.270.9495
P.O. Box 53433 Indianapolis, IN 46253


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